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Frequently asked questions


What is an Kupo Deal?

Kupo Deal is a mobile coupon you can access using a phone with internet access, iPhone and Android Mobile. You can get Kupo deals on your mobile device and then redeem them at participating businesses, by presenting them to the cashier at point-of-sale. Kupo Deals can only be utilised via your mobile devices (iPhone and Android Mobile).

There are no hidden costs or extra steps involved, just hunt the Kupo Deals on your mobile application and save money on great deals near you.

Where can I download Kupo Mobile Application?

Visit www.Kupo.com and download the Kupo Mobile Application by choosing the operating platform of your device (iPhone and Android).

Alternatively you can visit the following:

When you first install our mobile application you will need to follow our registration process by entering relevant details. If you already have Kupo account, you can simply put in your username and password to log-in.

How much does the Kupo Mobile Application cost?

Kupo Mobile Application is absolutely FREE without any hidden cost!

How do I hunt deals on Kupo Mobile Application?

All you have to do is select the postcode and/or enter keyword (example your favourite store) and/or Business Category and select “Capture” to begin your search. If you are happy with the result than select “View” to view the deals searched in the “My deals” or “Cancel” to start a new search.

What do different colour dots mean on each deal?

  • The green dot – New deal
  • The grey dot – Viewed deal
  • The yellow/amber dot – this deal will expire in 7 days
  • The red dot – this deal will expire in 24 hours

What is 24H?

Daily hunt is very quick way to view the deals that will be expiring with-in 24 hours, so hurry up and take the advantage!

How can I use the Kupo Deal that I like?

  • Select the ‘i” (Info) icon
  • Select the “Use Deal” button 

Kupo deal is utilised via a unique QR code so when you are at a participating store, select “Use Deal” in the “i” section of the Advert view. The application will activate QR code reader on your device to scan the code presented by the cashier. The application will validate the deal immediately within seconds.

What do I do if the cashier does not accept the Kupo deal?

This could happen if the cashier is newly employed or may not be trained about Kupo Deals. Please email us at support@kupo.fi and we will assist you the best we can. We work closely with the business owners and this should not occur.

How do I set Kupo Application on my mobile device?

Select the settings icon

There are few options in “Settings” to set-up your Kupo Application:

Gender – You can select this option to search deals based on your gender i.e. Male or Female, or you can select “Deals for both genders” to search deals for Male and Female.

So for example – If you select Male in “Gender” and save it, then search for deals in Kupo system will only retrieve Kupo deals that are specifically advertised for Male.

Age Group – You can select this option and choose the age group that you belong to, choose this option if you wish to retrieve Kupo deals only for that particular age group.

Postcode – You can select your preferred postcode to retrieve Kupo deals that are advertised only in that postcode.

Business Category – You can select your favourite business category to retrieve Kupo deals that belong to that specific category.

Number of Deals to Display – You can select the number of Kupo Deals you would like to retrieve when you are searching for Kupo Deals.

Ignore Settings – Select this option if you would like to ignore all of your settings while searching for Kupo Deals.

Activate Auto Search – Select this option if you like the Kupo application to search Kupo deals based on your settings or your demographic location.

For example – If you are in Helsinki and you switch on the Kupo Application on your device, the Kupo Application will automatically retrieve Kupo deals available in Helsinki region. Please note that if you have selected items in Settings and have not selected “Ignore Settings”, the Kupo Application will perform search based on those settings.